Hi Cathy,

A very big thank you for your amazing product.

We love our new front entry, it gives us the privacy we craved.

A brilliant company, with fantastic customer service.



Hi Cathy, just thought we would send a photo (rather late!) of the film we ordered from you for our new kitchen splashback window. 

We are very happy with it thanks – it looks great and it’s one of the first things people comment on when they walk in!

Thanks again!



I'm so happy with how my front entrance has turned out. When I bought my place, the front door only had clear glass so everyone from the street could see in through to the dining and living area. I stuck paper across it temporarily for some privacy but I just wasn't happy. 

But now I'm totally happy with finally having privacy and a front entrance to be proud of. The installation was so easy I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. 

Many tx, 


Thank you for your prompt service once again and thought you would like to know that we are extremely satisfied with the frosting that we ordered for two windows that we were puzzled on what to do with them. They both look fantastic. The instructions are very straight forward and the film is easy to apply especially for beginners. I will happily recommend your products and service to friends in future. Once again thank you very much!

All the best
Kate & Peter


Wow, now that is what I call fast and efficient. That is fantastic to hear. Again, greatly appreciate it, and will be telling all my friends and family, about your wonderful company, ease of dealing/ordering and superior customer service.
Have a terrific day.



Film was a breeze to apply. Perfect fit and the instuructions were very easy to follow. Took me less than 5 minutes. I needed the film for a cupboard door so that all my cosmetics/hairdryer etc weren't on display. Thank you for such prompt service, and for being so easy to deal with. And thank you so much for treating my tiny order with the same prompt service and professionalism I would have thought was only possible if I was re-fitting something the size of Parliament House.

Kind regards,


I would like to thank you for great service – your email notification & the fact that my order came within half the time frame mentioned. Your instructions were very clear and easy to follow – the product isn’t as fiddly as you think. We are very happy with our ‘new’ front door, now we have our privacy but the light still streams in. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my friends & family.
Have a great day.



Thank you for your prompt service. It gives me hope that some internet transactions work, as I have had a broken delivery with another and it is not looking good.We received the film today. I will let you know if there are any problems, but so far all is great.



I applied the film this morning. It was really easy and it looks great…my husband keeps saying how good it Is! (It’s a window that looked over the carport roof from the study that he uses.. will send a photo if I get a chance.. wish I had taken a “before” shot because its already hard to remember how awful it looked. Thank you.


I'm writing to let you know that I've finally installed the film I bought from you last November.We had a view from our kitchen window of an innocuous fence and beyond that, tree tops and blue skies until our neighbour erected rusty metal mesh trellises on his side which protrude 50cm above the entire length of the side fence (some 42 meters). Their climbing plants will take at least five years to subsume that eyesore, but in the meantime I feel as though I am confined to Stalag 17. I convinced my husband of the worth of a window film by temporarily tacking tissue wrapping paper over the area of the window I wished to obscure, and just this morning I put up the real film. Hallelujah! It looks fantastic. For very little cost and effort you've made me feel so much better in my everyday environment and I can let go of the rising anger I felt towards my dim-witted neighbours.

Thank you very much.
North Fitzroy


Have just installed the frost film. My bathroom window now admits light ONLY. I must admit I was apprehensive and anticipated it being really fiddly and messy; like covering books with clear contact. However – it was soooooooooo easy!!!!Shall know where to come should we need to do it again and will certainly recommend your product as being very effective and easy to install.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Mary – Camberwell Vic


Have JUST finished the windows. Must admit that I was very nervous, as I tend to stuff these sorts of things up quite royally 98% of the time. ANYWAY - am very pleased to say that I did it (no bubbles!!!!!), they look great & it was easy-peasy. Thankyou Cath - you've solved a problem so simply & inexpensively.

Sarah – from somewhere outside Moree NSW.


It looks fantastic and creates a lovely calming atmosphere with the diffused light. Thanks Cathy.

Fiona - Sydney


Love it. My boys think it’s really cool and now I don’t have to worry about the neighbours looking in.

Maryanne – Willoughby Sydney


I have installed my film today. It was easy to do and the results look fantastic. The product was safely delivered and packaged well.  I will be recommending you business to anyone I know who is interested in this sort of window treatment.

Regards - Johanna


You have a fantastic product that just solved my problem easily. I can't stop raving about it. No more nosy neighbours!

Cheers- Erin