Frequently Asked Questions About Frost & Co

What is Frost & Co frosted glass film?

Frost & Co window film is a premium grade  sign making vinyl film, specially designed to give the appearance of frosted or etched glass.  It’s a little like contact, however designed and developed specifically for windows, and to withstand a harsh environment. 

It’s easy to clean (just give it a wipe).

It won’t crack or peel in the sun (like cheaper films) and comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The film lets in the light, but gives you complete privacy even at night with the lights on.

The film can be used inside or outside, in bathrooms and laundries.  However we do not recommend it is used behind a stove, or on the inside of a shower screen.
If you ever decide to change designs or you want to look out your window again, it simply peels off without damaging the glass.

Is there a minimum size order?

No, there is no minimum order. Whether you want to order one 10mm X 10mm square of frosted privacy film, or 50 metres, we can accommodate you.

What kind of window can you use Frost & Co Window Film on?

The film can be used inside or outside, in bathrooms and laundries.  However we do not recommend it is used behind a stove, or on the inside of a shower screen.


Can I see through the window film?

The film allows through 90% of the natural light, but you cannot see through the window film.
You cannot see through the film at night, even with the light on inside.

However, you can get window film with cut-outs in the design, which you can look through.

Is the film easy to install?

Yes. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions you will find here.

We have also created a You Tube video for you to view before you install.


Is it easy to clean?

Yes, just use a damp, lint-free cloth.

Don’t use any abrasive scrubbers – steel wool for instance – as this might scratch off the film.

Is it suitable for bathrooms?

Yes, you can use the film in a bathroom/shower room, but not where the film will come into direct contact with water, such as the inside of a shower door.

Your film will provide complete privacy, even at night.

Is window film easy to remove?

Yes, just warm up the film with a hair dryer and peel off.

Remove any excess glue with Eucalyptus oil.

Please note that you cannot re-use the film you remove.

How long will the film last?

The film we supply is durable and is guaranteed to last for at least 7 year, under normal conditions.

It is water resistant and will not suffer from exposure to condensation.

The same film is also used on the outside of airliners.

Can I make changes to the designs?

Yes. You can create a specific design to match your needs – if you want a logo cut into your office door… words… patterns… cut outs – and if you need help with deciding what will work best for you, we can assist you.

How long will delivery take?


Plain film:

Dispatched within 7 working days, or the first Tuesday after your order is placed.


Designed film:

A design proof will be emailed to you within 2 working days. Once approved, your film with be cut and dispatched within 7 working days.


All orders are dispatched via Australia Post and come in a post tube.

Privacy Policy

Frost & Co Window Film respects your privacy.

We will not rent, sell or share your personal information with any other company for any reason.